Annie Ashley


Real talk: I spent three days in an existential crisis trying to figure out what to say in this section...

Give me 50 deadlines in one week, vague project details, a malfunctioning printer that senses fear, and a fried hard-drive, I'll be fine. Ask me to write my own bio...chaos.

I'm a Visual Designer and Art Director. Simply put, I like to tell stories and see people engage with those stories. From concept to execution, turning elements of a narrative into tangible products and experiences is what I love. I'm in this career because I value creating a memorable encounter through visual communication and empathy. 

I'm a misfit tea drinker in the land of latte lovers (Seattle), collecting plants at an alarming rate, and spending my weekends moonlighting as a wedding singer with my ukulele sidekick. I grew up sketching on walls (sorry, mom) and writing stories through music, eventually transitioning to art boards and computers.

Currently, I'm working as an Art Director for Eggs + Rice, working on Google projects. I've worked with Microsoft Global Retail Design Studio, Amazon Student & Campus, Starbucks Global Creative Studio, Evolution Fresh, Fell Swoop, and multiple local startups on branding and logo projects, packaging design, user experience design, video production, storyboarding, and art direction. My dream team is a group of creative individuals that are excited about their story, honest in their opinions, not afraid to get a little messy, and always asking "What's next?"