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Let's chat about skin. Do you have perfect skin? Wake up in the morning and question whether you even need to put on makeup to cover up your naturally radiant complexion? If that's you, two things. 1. Get out, and 2. This post isn't for you. 

My skin tends to run on the dry side of life. So dry you can't tell if it's joking or being serious. Skin ends up taking the backseat in the world of cosmetics. It's easy to forget to take care of the foundation (your skin) and just dress it up to cover up blemishes, discoloration, or problem areas.

Two things I want my skincare products to be: effective and inexpensive. Enter Lush, a company that creates fresh, handmade products.  My skin has seen a drastic change with these products and I truly believe you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to achieve healthy skin. Also, the scents are fairly neutral so it's great for both men and women. I've put together a list of a couple of my favorite products that I use daily. Enjoy!

1. King of Skin $13.95 - an all over skin body butter that feels like you just covered your body in whipped cream, but in a good way. It says you can do it after the shower for the whole day, but for me, it's more of a night time product because it is so full of replenishing elements and take a little longer to dry. Also, no preservatives. Hey-o!

2. Eau Roma Water $9.95 - a toner with Rose that helps retain moisture and is mildly astringent, which evens skin tone and improves its appearance. 

3. Ultrabalm $13.95 - this is like vaseline on steroids, only less greasy. It's great for dry areas like elbows, cuticles, or lips.

4. Ultrabland $16.95 - anything BUT bland, this non-irritating beeswax cleanser helps lock in moisture while washing off your makeup/daily regrets.

5. Full of Grace $14.95 - if there's one thing my face needs, it's grace. This moisturizer is incredible for morning and night. helps keep that dewy glow throughout the day.

6. Bar Tin $3.95 - this just makes traveling easier and is a cute excuse for excess branding.

I'd just like to state that I tried really hard not to use the word moist in this post. You're welcome.