microsoft channel summit event branding

role: art director

We were tasked with creating an interactive and visually appealing branding experience for the 2018 Channel Summit for Microsoft’s global team. Because we were catering to a global audience, we wanted to give attendees a feeling of togetherness, aspiration, and empowerment as they evaluate the role they play within their own story. We focused on the commonalities in life that shape the stories we tell by using die-cut shapes to mimic the idea of layered stories in our aesthetic. The interactive experiences and visual branding direction were created to remind our audience of the simple tools needed in telling a story and the power of those stories being amplified through new technology.

Creative Team

3D Render Artist: Sam Houk
Interaction Designers: Heather Keller, Alex Benson
Animator: Alex Benson
Illustrator: Hannah Pham
Logo Designers: Cheyne Brooking, Catie Holderman
Producer: Mackenzie Teutsch



For this concept, we broke down the sections of the building along with the intent of each layered space. This gave us 4 different categories to design for:

LAYER 01 - Foundation (Hills) / Social and keynote sessions
LAYER 02 - Growth (Foliage) / Digital content throughout the event
LAYER 03 - Ascension (Mountains) / Breakout sessions
LAYER 04 - Attainment (Clouds) / Penthouse afterparty




interactive experience

The motion graphics below were rear-projected on a screen, and in front of the screen sat three large illuminated buttons. The screen prompted attendees to answer questions about Microsoft by pushing the button in front of them to add increments of one to the number. Alone, completing the levels of the interactive would be near-impossible, but by teaming up to press all of the buttons together repeatedly, attendees completed each level quickly and successfully.

The interactive game served as a community builder to show a collective experience.