Windows 3d paint creature campaign

ROLE: Art Director, visual designer, 3d designer

In order to teach customers about Windows' new program Paint 3D, my team was tasked with creating a campaign to reach a student based audience in third party retail. Teaching myself how to use the new 3D program, I created the hero creature, fondly named Bernie, which was then picked up by the Windows Brand Group to use in their marketing content. We also collaborated with the Retail Demo Experience team to integrate the creature story visuals into demos in order to enhance the customer interaction and increase brand cohesion.

Creative Team

Visual and 3D Designers: Nanda Wilson, Hong Phi Tran, Sam Bae
3D Animators: Sam Houk, Birddog Design Studio
Demo Interaction Designer: Taylor Bryant
Producer: Megan Purcell


the birth of bernie and his monster friends


seen globally In third party retail